July 11, 2016

Interview with Adrian Hailwood, DS Ambassador

Interview with Adrian Hailwood, DS Ambassador

Renowned for his innovative collections, fashion designer Adrian Hailwood has been a DS Automobiles ambassador since 2014. Launched in 1955, the original DS is still one of the most popular French automotive icons of the 20th century. From the 1950’s to the present day, DS has had a strong connection with fashion, sharing the same values of excellence, innovative thinking and avant garde styling. We spoke with Adrian about his experience with DS and his journey in the fashion industry…

How did the Elizabethan costumes in the film ‘Orlando’ influence your design philosophy?

Orlando absolutely blew my mind. I was at design school at the time, studying toward a degree in visual communications, so even though I was on a creative path, the move into fashion was a shift in direction for me. The way the costumes were designed and constructed sparked my interest.

Taking risks is synonymous with DS’ avant-garde philosophy, what have been the biggest risks you’ve taken during your time in fashion?

Fashion is a fickle business, so you always have to push the boundaries and take risks… calculated risks. There’s been certain fabrics I’ve made and technologies I’ve used that have been quite ‘out there’. I like to push beyond my comfort zone, because sometimes it pays off. I’ve created experimental garments for fashion week that have been really successful sellers.

What are peoples first comments when they hear about/see your DS?

Everyone loves my DS. They say it’s a beautiful car; an amazing design with sleek lines.

DS recently celebrated 60 years of innovative automobiles, and Hailwood has been creating striking, original garments for the past sixteen – what do you believe is key to maintaining your vision?

Have a clear vision on what you want, that’s my philosophy. Focusing on my goals, while pushing the boundaries and having fun along the way with my shows in NZFW and LA.

In your recent AW16 show the collection was presented alongside the new 2016 DS range. Where did the inspiration for this show come from?

It’s an homage to my manufacturing in Hong Kong. It was also inspired by one of my favourite filmmakers, Wong Kar-wai. It uses traditional Chinese fabrics and prints, and confronts the issue of manufacturing in China versus New Zealand. I wanted to show that there’s a lot of skill and quality there, not necessary just mass manufacturing.

What does the spirit of Avant Garde mean to you?

Being innovative and original – pushing the boundaries with great style.

If you could express the DS driving experience in three words, what would they be?

Style, comfort and grace.