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Absolute comfort in a more assertive and prestigious design
Citroën C5 Aircross, recognised since its launch as the most comfortable and flexible SUV in its category, has now been given a makeover to assert a more prestigious, modern and dynamic personality. While building on its strengths of comfort, on-board spaciousness and modularity, it has matured to become more elegant and dynamic with sharper exterior styling and more modern, high-quality colours and materials for the interior.” Pierre-Yves Couineau, C5 Aircross Project Manager

With more than 260,000 sales since its launch in 2018, C5 Aircross has made its mark in the highly competitive compact SUV segment with its on-board space, its modularity and, above all, its comfort, which is unrivalled in the segment. The lavish interior which is a real signature for Citroën, and the brand’s experience in people carriers, set it apart from the competition. Even today, C5 Aircross is a leader in terms of practicality and offers a more relaxed on-board experience. This feeling is reinforced in the plug-in hybrid version, which already represents more than 30% of the mix in Europe.

The change of expression and willingness to take a leap in terms of perceived quality and elegance, especially expressed on the front end, are the defining characteristics of New C5 Aircross. It is becoming more aspirational and will appeal to customers waiting for a more distinctive character.

New C5 Aircross will be available in New Zealand later in 2022.