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Plug-in Hybrid Range


With the Citroën plug-in hybrid, enjoy the comfort of an electric mode for your short daily journeys and the internal combustion engine for long journeys.

With our plug-in hybrid powertrain, you get smooth driving, a combined power of 225 hp and instant acceleration.


Discover ë-comfort

The Citroën plug-in hybrid range keeps the superior ride that comes from the Citroën Advanced Comfort® Suspension system and Advanced Comfort seats.  It then enhances the feeling of well-being with a super smooth electric motor that combines effortlessly with the petrol engine.

Combining the best of electric and combustion

In 100% electric mode, enjoy increased performance, instantaneous engine torque and good acceleration in silence. When you want to escape to further away, the petrol engine will simply take over.

Economical to run

Thanks to its engine, the plug-in hybrid has a very low fuel consumption and you considerably cut your fuel costs on your everyday journeys.  
Reduce your co2 emissions
The plug-in hybrid technology has a CO2 emission level of 19 g/km (WLTP). By driving in electric mode, your hybrid does not emit any CO2 emissions.
Save everyday
The plug-in hybrid engine allows you, with daily recharging, to considerably reduce your fuel costs on your journeys.
Optimise your consumption

With an average fuel consumption of 1.0 L/100km (WLTP), your hybrid car provides you with significant fuel savings compared to a thermal version.

Brake to charge
Your hybrid partially recharges when you brake or take your foot off the acccelerator. You thus recover driving range without thinking about it.


Electric mode

Benefit from all the advantages of driving electric: silent driving, without CO2 emissions. This mode, ideal for the city, is activated by default when starting your hybrid.

Hybrid mode

Let yourself be guided: depending on your driving style and the type of road taken, you alternate between electric and thermal mode. Your hybrid adapts to guarantee optimal use of electrical energy.

Sport mode

Take advantage of the full power of the internal combustion engine, assisted by electric power. Acceleration and braking: enjoy yourself comfortably seated in your plug-in hybrid.

Recharger son hybride au quotidien : rien de plus simple

  • RECHARGE PRIVÉE: Que vous soyez en maison individuelle ou en copropriété, une installation spécifique pour votre véhicule est simple à mettre en place. Citroën a choisi 2 partenaires pour vous accompagner dans le choix et l’installation de la solution de recharge la plus adaptée à vos besoins.
  • RECHARGE PUBLIQUE: À l’occasion de vos déplacements, vous pouvez facilement trouver des solutions de recharge à proximité de votre travail ou de vos activités quotidiennes. 
  • LONGS TRAJETS: Les grands axes européens sont également dotés de bornes de recharge accessibles sur votre itinéraire. 

Des services pour vous faciliter la vie en hybride

  • CHARGE MY CAR: Localisez les bornes de recharge compatibles de votre véhicule hybride partout en Europe via Charge My Car.
  • MY CITROËN: Vous pilotez à distance depuis votre téléphone, l'autonomie, la charge et le préconditionnement thermique du véhicule via l'app My Citroën.




Suitable for the majority of daily journeys, New Citroën C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid offers fluid and dynamic driving with a 180 hp internal combustion engine and an 81.2 kW (110 hp) electric motor for a combined power of 225 hp and a combined torque of 360 Nm.

Ideally placed on the central console, the selector lets you choose the driving mode: Electric, Hybrid or Sport.

New Citroën C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid offers a range of up to 47 km WLTP, silent, vibration-free and environmentally friendly driving with zero CO2 emissions and a speed up to 135 km/h in electric mode.