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Annual service


Our experts know your Citroën inside out. Remember to get it serviced regularly, and thanks to Citroën plans, you can rest assured that your vehicle is receiving proper maintenance while keeping a handle on your car budget. Why not request a service online now?


Citroën offers a complete service all-inclusive of parts and labour. This includes an oil change, replacing the oil filter, topping up fluids, checking and adjusting the safety devices and reading the self-diagnostic memory, not to mention the 15 checks by Citroën experts. And all that for a low price.

Why get your car serviced?

To optimise the performance of your vehicle over time, an annual service is necessary. Indeed, if the engine is poorly maintained, it will deteriorate faster, affecting the vehicle's performance. A simple oil change can save you costly repairs, including changing the engine.

And when?

The content and frequency of servicing depends on the type of vehicle, its engine, its mileage and its age. You must check the Maintenance Log for your vehicle to find out which service is due and when. Maintenance also depends on the vehicle's usage conditions and your driving style. Services should be performed every year and the Manufacturer's maintenance plan should be followed to ensure optimal longevity. In the event of severe conditions, see the specific maintenance plan.

When does this apply?

If you meet one or more of the following severe conditions of use, specific maintenance will be necessary:

  • Door-to-door transport services
  • Urban use (taxi, ambulance, driving school, with an average speed under 20 km/h)
  • Short repeated journeys (less than 10 km) with a cold engine (after stopping for more than 1 hour)
  • Long stays in hot climates (T ≥ 30°C), cold climates (T ≤ -15°C), areas with dusty atmospheres or using fuels not meeting Citroën recommendations
  • Use, even occasional, of B30 type biofuel (diesel vehicles)