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Timing belt


Considered one of the most important parts of your car, the cambelt must be in perfect condition for the engine to run properly. If it breaks the damage can be irreversible, and you may need to replace the engine outright, so allow Citroën experts to check it thoroughly.




One all-inclusive price for parts and labour without any surprises:

  • Replacement of the cambelt kit including the belt and tensioner pulleys
  • And/or cambelt change
  • And/or water pump change
  • Labour for the fitting
  • And 15 visual checks by Citroën experts

Why change the cambelt? 

The cambelt and associated parts are constantly used by the engine and undergo natural wear as the vehicle's mileage increases. The climate can also lead to premature wear, which is why frequent maintenance is necessary.

The essential belt

The cambelt is a central part of the engine that is placed under great strain, and if it breaks while the car is being driven it causes immediate and serious damage, which can even lead to engine breakage. The cambelt synchronises the permanent movement of the pistons and the valves. The cambelt kit comprises the belt, the tensioner pulley and the guide pulleys.