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In Citroën service centres, take advantage of expert advice to choose the right tyres for your car and your driving habits. As you know, choosing the right tyres gives you better grip and road holding, efficient braking and fuel economy. Take advantage of the best service and advice with Citroën.



With the Citroën Tyre service, you get tyre fitting and balancing, valve replacement, visual checks carried out by Citroën experts and a work report.

Stay in control

The manufacturer's recommended pressure for your vehicle is shown inside the opening of the driver's door and must be checked every month, and especially before long journeys. Tyres showing dents, cracks, cuts, foreign bodies or irregular wear must be checked by your authorised Citroën service centre. After 5 years, regardless of the mileage and the groove depth, get your tyres and the spare checked.

Braking and aquaplaning

Don't neglect your safety; make sure to check your tyre pressure regularly.  Tests show that braking from 90 km/h to 70 km/h requires 40 metres at 2 bars or 45 meters at 1 bar, i.e. an extra 5 metres. In addition, tyre pressure below 30% of the recommended pressure greatly increases the risk of aquaplaning.


Optimise your consumption

A tyre under-inflated by 1 bar leads to an increase in rolling resistance and consequently around a 6% increase in the vehicle's fuel consumption. A tyre under-inflated by 20% leads to a 20% reduction in mileage performance. Over 40,000 km, that's 8,000 km lost. For an average consumption of 8 l/100 km, consumption therefore increases by  0.5 l/100 km or one more tank of fuel per year.


The tyres offered by the Citroën dealer network can meet any challenge. You will find everything you need in our service centres for your safety, with access to multi-brand tyres of all sizes adapted to the age of your car.