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Winscreen Wipers


To ensure optimum safety and visibility, replace the wiper blades once a year. Even if they haven't been used much, heat and cold make them lose their effectiveness. That is why Citroën experts offer you brush blades adapted to your car.



This all-inclusive service includes:


  • a new front wiper blade kit
  • and/or rear wiper blade
  • installation by Citroën experts

Citroën offers original parts or, for when your car is getting older and you want to control your budget, third-party wipers selected and validated by Citroën engineers.

Ensure they are effective

To keep your windscreen wipers functional and avoid damaging them, take the time to defrost your windscreen before activating your wipers when it is frosty. Change your blades at the first signs of wear and at least once a year. If possible, avoid very long exposure to direct sunlight without protection.

The risks of worn wiper blades

Once the windscreen wipers are worn out they can scratch your windscreen, reduce your visibility particularly at night, in fog or light rain, and therefore reduce your safety on the road.