Citroën Assured Service Plan

Citroën Assured Service Plan

Citroën assured service plans give you confidence that your servicing needs are taken care of.

Make every surprise a pleasant one.

What’s at the heart of everything Citroën creates? Outstanding Technology.

To keep that technology running exactly as our engineers intended it, we’ve designed a service plan to fit your vehicle perfectly and make sure the only surprises you face are pleasant ones.

Purchase a Citroën Assured Service Plan when you buy your new Citroën and you’ll be covered for all scheduled services for the first three years or 60,000kms, whichever comes first. This way you’re also assured of Citroën trained Technicians performing services using specialist Citroën equipment, genuine parts and lubricants. Plus you can finance the cost of the service plan at an authorised Citroën Dealer as part of your new Citroën purchase. Easy. Which means from the day you drive away, you can relax knowing your Citroën will perform beautifully throughout your time together.

How much does the service plan cost?

Affordable 3 year, or 60,000km service plans for all new Citroën vehicles are now available from your Citroën dealer.

From 1st December 2017 Assured Service Plan costs $1,199 incl GST on all Citroën models.

Contact your Citroën dealer for more information and terms and conditions.